Inauguration of Europe’s new Metropolitan

The Metropolitical and Episcopal ministry of His Grace, Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJV was formally inaugurated on Saturday, May 26th, feast of St Philip Neri and the Eve of Pentecost at Brighton Congress Hall in the UK. Representatives of local churches and a large congregation witnessed the occasion presided over by Canon Emilio Tundidor-Suarez OSJV acting as Dean of Clergy on behalf of the College of Bishops of the Province of Europe. The Salvation Army Band and Songsters accompanied the service which included a wide range of music from the broader Christian tradition. The traditional antiphon “Ecce Sacerdos” followed by the “Benedictus” at the Solemn Reception of the Archbishop at the entrance to the Church, accompanied the traditional presenting of a Crucifix, sprinkling of holy water and the blessing of incense. The “Te Deum” was intoned by His Grace after the formal Inauguration and Oaths were completed, the congregation joining in gustily with a metrical version of this ancient hymn, “Holy God we praise thy Name”. Following the homily preached by Canon Tundidor, the Songsters sang “In deeper consecration”, the General Intercessions were led by local Ecumenical representatives and an Address was given by the Archbishop. Then followed “Laudate Dominum” a psalm of praise (Ps. 117) and the Solemn Pontifical Blessing before the final recessional hymn “Thy hand O God has guided”. A reception followed the service where a specially made cake and a “bugia” (episcopal hand-candle)were presented to His Grace by Revd Frater Andrew Scurr on behalf of the members of the Brighton Oratory and Sussex mission. A video with photos of the service and reception are available to view here.


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