Archbishop reflects on fasting and the benefits both spiritual and physical…

The Brighton Oratory

This coming Thursday (Aug 9th) is the ‘Vigil of St Laurence’ and as such is traditionally a “fast day”, as are most vigils (of apostles, solemnities etc). Regrettably fasting has become something of a neglected practice by most Christians and sadly most contemporary Catholics the practice of whose faith is traditionally closely connected with this occasional observance. However, scientific evidence seems to suggest that there is a benefit not just for one’s soul ref fasting…

Obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes are on an alarming increase in our contemporary society of fast living, junk and processed foods. An Horizon (BBC TV) investigator, Michael Mosley, last night presented a programme “Eat, fast and live longer” that extolled the virtue of a practice which has long been a part of Catholic tradition; fasting.

Mr Mosley has uncovered a growing body of scientific evidence that intermittent i.e. occasional fasting, whilst not staving…

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