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The Metropolitan responds to a question from his inbox…

The Brighton Oratory

Q:“Some women who have an illicit affair and become pregnant know that to confess would blow a good marriage apart, break up a family, leaving children motherless. The danger here is the ‘Back street’ abortionist. Desperate situations call for desperate measures! 
Human nature being what it is, people WILL fall in love, WILL have sex outside of marriage. If all abortion clinics close, women WILL find these illegal operators with knitting needles at the ready. Often this results in the death of the mother and the baby or in terrible damage to the unborn child.”

A: Death for dishonesty? We know the old adage well, “two wrongs don’t make a right” and here in this scenario could this sage proverb have greater truth? Whether legal or illegal, is abortion the only solution to the problem? Is death the only answer?

We must never give in to sin and evil just because it is “easier”……

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