Today is the Feast of the Metropolitan’s Titular See.

The Brighton Oratory

St Wilfrid of York, Apostle to the South Saxons, Co-Patron of the Sussex Mission: Missa “Sacerdotes tui

Wilfrid was born in Northumbria in 634. He was educated in the Celtic tradition by Monks in the monastery on Lindisfarne (called Holy Island today) a small island off the Northumberland coast.

As a young man, Wilfrid went to Rome with Benet Biscop and spent time en-route in Lyons (Southern France). When he returned, rather than following the Celtic teaching of the Irish Missionaries under the teachings of Aidan from Iona, he supported the Roman traditions. He was made Abbot of Ripon and then ordained a priest. When Aidan died, the differences between Celtic and Roman traditions and customs began to cause dispute. In 664 a synod was held in St Hilda’s Church in Whitby. It settled the question, abolished Celtic customs and established the Roman traditions to be the order of the day.

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