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During Pontifical Mass in the Chapel of Our Lady of Hope in the Mother House of the Oratory of St John Vianney on the feast of St Catherine, Virgin and Martyr, Sunday 25th November 2012, His Grace the Metropolitan of Europe, Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJV, assisted by His Grace Archbishop Douglas Lewins [ORCC GB] consecrated to the Episcopate, Msgr Martin Charlesworth to the Titular See of Dummoc-ceastre and Msgr Jonas Maria Röggla to the Titular See of Brixinensis-Antiquitatis, to serve initially as auxiliary bishops in the Province of Europe. Msgr Charlesworth will serve initially in the Archdiocese of Great Britain with particular responsibility for the North, based in Leeds and  Msgr Röggla will serve in northern Italy as Episcopal Vicar, in 2013, Msgr Charlesworth will transfer to Hungary and the Diocese of Haemus to serve as Episcopal Vicar. The lengthy liturgy was broadcast live for the benefit of the faithful, family and friends of the Consecrandi across the Province.


Ordination of Fr Mark Dunning

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On Saturday, 24th November 2012 in the Chapel of Our Lady of Hope in the Mother House of the Oratory of St John Vianney, the Revd Mark Dunning, following his canonical oath, was ordained deacon and priest by His Grace, the Metropolitan Archbishop, Msgr Jerome Lloyd OSJV. Fr Mark was appointed Community Chaplain to the Mission of Our Lady of the Crucible in Liverpool.

mdunningoutlineFr Mark, “Studying Theology & English at Christ’s and Notre Dame Liverpool very much galvanised my sense of vocation and my devotion to the traditional rites of the Church; particularly having been nurtured by the legendary Canon Sampson. For a number of years I worked as a full-time Funeral Director, work that took me from Liverpool to Canterbury for almost a decade. It is here I had a small mission community, with my obvious focus laying with the pastoral care of the bereaved and deceased. Returning to Liverpool late 2011 to the bosom of my family and friends, I hope to establish a new ministry in my home city.”


Ad Clerum 17/11/12

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Patriarch of Bulgaria “memory eternal” RIP

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His Grace the Metropolitan Archbishop of Europe, Msgr Jerome Lloyd OSJV, today sent a message of condolence to the Bulgarian Patriarchate upon the sad news of the passing of His Holiness, Patriarch Maxim.

The leader of Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church for 41 years in times of Communist rule and democracy, died at age 98, the church announced today:

“This night, about at 4 a.m., at the age of 98 the head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, his Holiness Bulgarian Patriarch and Bishop of Sofia Maxim presented himself to God…”

The patriarch had been in hospital in the past weeks, suffering a general weakness, doctors have said.

Since 1971, Maxim has been a patriarch of Bulgaria‘s 1,100-year-old Orthodox Church, which survived centuries of Turkish domination and decades of atheistic communism. Under Bulgarian Orthodox Church procedures, a Holy Synod of 13 senior clergy will meet to make funeral arrangements and choose an interim patriarch until a larger Church Council is held within the next four months to pick Maxim’s successor. About 80 percent of Bulgarians say they are Eastern Orthodox Christians.

Patriarch Maxim has kept a low public profile but was an influential figure with a controversial past. He oversaw a major religious revival in Bulgaria after the collapse of the communist rule. Dozens of new churches were built across the country and monasteries reopened.

He was elected Patriarch in 1971 during Communist rule, which did not outright ban religious practices, but scorned those who attended mass and deprived them of career development. After the fall of communism in 1989, rebel clerics split from the Holy Synod, setting up an alternative Orthodox Church, accusing Maxim of collaborating with the former repressive regime and questioning the legitimacy of his election. Maxim consolidated support and managed to keep his post. After years of bitter schism and separation, the church united in 1998, with the last rebel priests repenting 10 years later.

A recent report from a history commission established that there were no documents linking Maxim with much feared secret police, but found that 11 out of the Balkan country’s 15 bishops had been collaborators to the communist regime.

Maxim was born as Marin Naidenov Minkov on October 29, 1914 in the central Bulgarian village of Oreshak. Maxim took Holy Orders in 1941 and became secretary general of the Holy Synod in 1955.

New Coptic Patriarch elected! Tawadros II! Axios!

November 4, 2012 2 comments

His Grace the Metropolitan of Europe was pleased to send congratulatory greetings to the Coptic Patriarchate today upon the news of the election of the new Patriarch, Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of all Africa on the Holy See of St. Mark the Apostle.

In a sumptuous ritual filled with prayer, chants and incense on Sunday at Abbasiya cathedral in Cairo, the 60-year-old bishop’s name was picked by a blindfolded child from a glass bowl in which the names of two other candidates had also been placed.

They were Bishop Rafael, 54, a medical doctor and current assistant bishop for central Cairo; and Father Rafael Ava Mina, the oldest of the five original candidates at 70.

Tawadros, of the Nile Delta province of Beheira, replaces Pope Shenouda III who led the church for four decades until he died in March aged 88.

Many Copts will look to the new pope to ensure that the voice of Christians, who have long complained of discrimination in Egypt, are heard.

Acting Pope Pachomios laid on Sunday the three names, already selected in a limited vote in church last week, in plastic balls inside the chalice before starting Mass.

He selected on Saturday 12 altar boys between the ages of five and eight, one of whom was ordered to pick the name during Sunday’s ceremony.

Tawadros will be the 118th pope in a line dating back to the origins of Christianity and to Saint Mark, the apostle and author of one of the four Gospels, who brought the new faith to Egypt.

Nearly 2,500 Coptic public officials, MPs, journalists and local councillors took part in the vote.

Sectarian fears

Strict measures were taken to ensure there was no foul play during the entire process, before a large congregation and televised. The three pieces of paper were all the same size, tied up the same way and placed in the box.

The Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of All Africa in the Holy See of St Mark the Apostle serves as the spiritual leader of Egypt’s Coptic Christians, who make up between six and 10 per cent of the country’s 83 million population.

Amid increased fears about the community’s future after Mubarak’s overthrow, Tawadros will be its main contact with Egypt’s first Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi.

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