ORC Italian Deanery erected

On Monday, 22nd April 2013 in Rome, Italy, His Grace Archbishop Douglas Lewins ORCC GB met with Mgr Alessandro Catullo in the shadow of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore to formally initiate the integration of the Orthodox Church of Italy (www.chiesaortodossa.it founded by Msgr. Antonio De Rosso) as an Old Roman Catholic deanery for Italy of bi-ritual i.e. Western/Eastern liturgical use http://www.chiesaveterocattolicaromana.it/. According to the terms of the “Walsingham Declaration” signed by Mgr Lewins and Metropolitan Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJV of the ORCC LR, generally alternative use communities will be looked after by the ORCC GB and Latin use communities by the ORCC LR and jointly by the unity expressed in the declaration to present a unified Old Roman Catholic presence in Europe. By the erection of the bi-ritual Italian Deanery, Mgr Lloyd was happy to transfer enquiries from Italian clergy seeking Old Roman Catholic incardination.  The Italian deanery is led by Mgr Alessandro Catullo for ORCC GB and the Latin Rite by Mgr Jonas Röggla CSJV, Episcopal Vicar for the ORCC LR Province of Europe in Italy whom Mgr Lewins co-consecrated with Mgr Lloyd last November.


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