ORCCLR.org launched

FINALA new website has been launched with the blessing of the Primate for the Old Roman Catholic Church Latin Rite; www.orcclr.org. The new website is designed deliberately to be an introduction to the Communion of the ORCC LR, the largest Old Roman Catholic jurisdiction and the only one to have a global presence i.e. with communities on every continent. The new website is part of a review affecting the whole of the Communion which, due to its growth now requires certain key structures in place at its centre.

The Old Roman Catholic tradition has always prided itself on developing “local” churches, usually on national lines, but due to the generally small size of such local communities, key aspects of administration can become either onerous and time/resource-consuming, or barely sustainable. The recent appointment of a Primatial Chapter is purposefully to look at the governance of the Communion and identify those aspects of administration that may be operated centrally for the benefit of all, leaving local churches to focus on mission and pastoralia rather than administration. Refocusing the organisation of the Communion at the Provincial level should enable local churches at the diocesan and parochial level to concentrate their energies on growth rather than administration.

Embracing and harnessing modern technologies, it is hoped to be able to provide the Communion with a method of reporting key events and statistics that will not require copious amounts of printing and paper; together with a global presence comes a global concern for the environment! Similarly, reporting directly to the centre should avoid unnecessary duplication of procedures and free resources for mission. Whilst the size of the Communion is far from comparable to other much larger denominations, the implications of an internationally organised body are very relevant – languages, communication, legal differences etc, all have an impact on the efficiency and working of the Communion.


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