Holy Synod 2014

The first ever international holy Synod of canonical orthodox Old Roman Catholic jurisdictions since the time of Archbishop Arnold H Mathew, took place on Saturday, July 5th at the Brighton Oratory in Sussex, England. Clergy and members of the Old Roman Catholic Churches in Great Britain, Europe, and America joined together in prayer, in fellowship and in conference.

The day began with a sung votive Mass of the Holy Ghost offered by Metropolitan Jerome OSJV of Europe who urged Synod in his homily to recall Christ’s promise of the Holy Ghost to the Apostles and the continuance of that promise manifested in the Apostolic succession of the Church. His Grace urged all present to join him in offering their spiritual intentions of the Mass for the guidance of the Holy Ghost for the Synod Fathers and for the unity of the Church.

The holy Synod discussed both the history and future of canonical Old Roman Catholicism and mandated the bishops to formulate the necessary structures for unity between the jurisdictions.


Synodical addresses were given by Metropolitan Douglas of the UK, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV of Europe and Metropolitan William of America and a lively discussion about the future. Absent members of the Synod were even able to participate through Skype and hear and share in the discussions!


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