Prelates respond to Patriarch Sako’s appeal

nun arabicwillmyers2In the USA, His Excellency Bishop William Myers declared “The clergy of the Old Roman Catholic Church in America request all people of goodwill to pray for the Christian population of Iraq. The situation in that country has become very volatile for Christians, especially those living in Mosul. News reports note that their homes are being marked and that they face death for their beliefs.”

me12aIn Europe, His Grace, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV like others has invited fellow Christians on Facebook to adopt the “nun” symbol as their profile photo in response to the persecution of Christians in Mosul and Iraq where the symbol is being daubed on the walls of Christian homes, businesses and churches and have been ordered to “convert or die”. His Grace wrote, “What an opportunity for witness and solidarity if EVERY Christian on Facebook swapped their personal profile photo for this one as an expression of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in/of Mosul?! We could explain the symbol, what it means, who it represents, how it’s been misused and share their story of faith? JUST IMAGINE!!! Denominational ties would be IRRELEVANT! We would simply be expressing solidarity as THE BODY OF CHRIST!”

damead2aIn the UK, Bishop Damien Mead of the Anglican Catholic Church requested his Diocese pray for the persecuted Church around the world. Stating; “Our brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering on an unprecedented scale in the Middle East, Africa and around the world. Persecution of the faithful has happened before, it is happening now and it will happen in the future until the Second coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, wipes the tears from our eyes and brings an end to death and suffering. Of course we pray for all victims of violence and persecution, who ever they may be and whatever faith, or none, they may hold. But it is appropriate that we show solidarity with our fellow Christians, many of whom are in parts of the world where there has been a Christian presence since the days of the Apostles.”


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    May the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary bring us an Era of Peace!

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