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Please pray for the following priests as they continue their ministries in the Old Roman Catholic Church…

georgevonarbleThe Reverend Father George von ABEL (Brighton, UK), received and incardinated by Metropolitan Jerome (Lloyd) OSJV of the Province of Europe into the Metropolitanate of Selsey. Appointed and licensed as an assistant priest of the Brighton Oratory (South East Mission).

paul-fordThe Reverend Father Paul FORD (London, UK), received and incardinated by Metropolitan Jerome (Lloyd) OSJV of the Province of Europe into the Metropolitanate of Selsey. Appointed and licensed as an assistant priest of the Brighton Oratory (South East Mission) and Chaplain to Hertforshire Police Constabulary.

frterry3The Reverend Father Terrence MERRIFIELD (Southampton, UK), received and incardinated by Metropolitan Jerome (Lloyd) OSJV of the Province of Europe into the Metropolitanate of Selsey. Appointed and licensed as an assistant priest of the Brighton Oratory (South East Mission) and a Chantry Priest.

russoThe Reverend Father Richard RUSSO (Ballston Spa, NY) received and incardinated by Metropolitan William (Myers) OSF of the Old Roman Catholic Church in America, as Pastor of St. Helen of the Cross.

Chapter of the bishopric of Selsey

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Metropolitan Jerome preaches during Solemn Mass on the Octave Day of St Wilfrid, founder and heavenly patron of the bishopric of Selsey

Lynmouth, UK: Between Sunday 18th October to Thursday 22nd October, clergy of the bishopric of Selsey joined their Ordinary, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV in Chapter. Accommodation was provided courtesy of Canon Emilio Tundidor-Suarez OSJV at The Rock House hotel and by gracious permission of the Anglican Bishop of Exeter, the daily round of liturgical Offices, private Masses and Conventual Solemn Mass took place in the parish church of St John the Baptist, Lynmouth. During the week, the clergy enjoyed addresses and facilitated discussions concerning the pastoral application of the priestly life by Fr Christopher Buckley CMP.

The Chapter enabled clergy from all over England to come together in prayer and in fellowship and provided the opportunity for both personal interviews with the Metropolitan as well as the more formal consultative process of a Chapter with His Grace. Resulting from the discussions of the formal Chapter itself, the Metropolitan acceded to a petition seeking permission to offer liturgically the Sarum Use for Mass and the development of closer working relationships in mission with other Christian denominations sympathetic to the faith and ethos of the Old Roman Catholic Church. A report was also received from the Chicago Synod courtesy of Metropolitan William and shared with the Chapter.

All who attended very much appreciated the opportunity to gather in such a beautiful location as the small seaside harbour village of Lynmouth and the comfortable surroundings of The Rock House hotel and the very great privilege of worshiping in St John’s church. A vote of thanks was made by Chapter for the facilitation and company of Fr Buckley, the hospitality of Canon Tundidor-Suarez and the generosity of the Bishop of Exeter and the people and parish of Lynmouth in the use of their church.

capelyffinReturning to the north of England, Frs Charlesworth and Buckley with Metropolitan Jerome visited the shrine of Our Lady of Capel y Ffin courtesy of Fr Richard Williams of Haye-on-Wye and prayers of thanksgiving were offered there for the success of the Chapter and the safe journeying home of all Chapter attendants.

Metropolitan speaks at House of Lords

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HOL meeting roomLondon, UK: His grace, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV of Europe was a keynote speaker and member of the “expert panel” at the House of Lords in a debate entitled “Refugees and Migrants – morals and dilemmas” hosted by Baron John, the Lord Laird of Artigarvan. The other keynote speakers were Councillor Christopher Precious, the Mayor of Dover and Jeremy Savill, retired Commander of the Metropolitan Police. Approximately seventy people attended the debate including MP’s, academics and Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts and members of the Foundation for International Collaboration, as well as members of the general public including some of the faithful from the Brighton mission. His grace visited Westminster Abbey and the Shrine of St Edward the Confessor prior to arriving at the Houses of Parliament and was honoured to share in the Shrine Prayers on the Confessor’s feast day in the Abbey.

The Shrine of St Edward, with the tomb of Henry III in the background.

The Shrine of St Edward the Confessor

Metropolitan Jerome spoke about the plight particularly of Syrian refugees, providing the debate with much background information concerning the religious and political dimensions to the Syrian crisis. His grace particularly criticised the UK Government’s lack of coordinated and comprehensive provision in response to the crisis and highlighted the considerable effort that will be required of charities and other institutions in making up the discrepancy in the Government’s provision. His grace mentioned that “Cherubs Kitchen” his own charitable apostolate in Brighton would be participating in the city’s “Sanctuary by the Sea” initiative and called on others to do similarly in the “City of Sanctuary” movement. Lord Laird thanked his grace’s contribution to the discussion at the end of the evening and gave an impromptu tour of the House for the Brighton contingent, whilst accompanying his grace to St Stephen’s Door.

Metropolitan visits Circus

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zippos2015Brighton, UK: Since walking a tightrope for local HIV/AIDS hospice The Sussex Beacon in 2009, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV has maintained a relationship with the Zippos Circus family. On Easter Monday 2014 his excellency administered the sacrament of baptism for the famous Rastelli clown family and is ever available to members of the circus for spiritual ministrations whenever they are in the south east of England.

When Zippo’s makes its annual appearance in Brighton, Metropolitan Jerome always makes time to visit and catch up with Circus founder Martin Zippo Burton and legendary ringmaster Norman Barrett MBE and the artists, who are currently performing their Unchained Show on Hove Lawns.

New chapel for Brighton Oratory

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chapelBrighton, UK: Metropolitan Jerome OSJV has founded a new chapel for the Brighton Oratory mission in the cellar of the charitable apostolate, “Cherubs Kitchen”. Desiring to provide a “spiritual heart” in the centre of the daily life of the apostolate that raises money for the homeless and provides professional industry apprenticeships, his excellency determined to convert a disused cellar room into a “sacred place”. Aside from being a place for apprentices and other kitchen staff to find peace and refuge from the operational kitchen, it is hoped faithful of the Brighton Oratory and others will find the place more easily and regularly accessible in the heart of the seaside city.

The first Mass was of Midnight on Christmass Eve/Day and a daily Mass continues to be offered and broadcast over the internet at

Cherubs meet Zippos

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Cherubs Kitchen team with Norman Barrett MBE, Zippo's Ringmaster

Cherubs Kitchen team with Norman Barrett MBE, Zippo’s Ringmaster

Brighton, UK: Through his long standing relationship with Zippo’s Circus since walking a tightrope over the Big Top for charity, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV was able to treat some of the Cherubs Kitchen team to a visit to the circus while it was in Brighton & Hove.

Pictured with Norman Barrett, the ringmaster and Metropolitan Jerome are Barbara the accountant and Alex an apprentice chef. Cherubs Kitchen was founded by Metropolitan Jerome in 2014 as a commercial catering operation to bring about positive social change; profits go to local food and homeless charities and industry professional apprenticeships in catering and hospitality are provided.

Holy Synod 2014

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The first ever international holy Synod of canonical orthodox Old Roman Catholic jurisdictions since the time of Archbishop Arnold H Mathew, took place on Saturday, July 5th at the Brighton Oratory in Sussex, England. Clergy and members of the Old Roman Catholic Churches in Great Britain, Europe, and America joined together in prayer, in fellowship and in conference.

The day began with a sung votive Mass of the Holy Ghost offered by Metropolitan Jerome OSJV of Europe who urged Synod in his homily to recall Christ’s promise of the Holy Ghost to the Apostles and the continuance of that promise manifested in the Apostolic succession of the Church. His Grace urged all present to join him in offering their spiritual intentions of the Mass for the guidance of the Holy Ghost for the Synod Fathers and for the unity of the Church.

The holy Synod discussed both the history and future of canonical Old Roman Catholicism and mandated the bishops to formulate the necessary structures for unity between the jurisdictions.


Synodical addresses were given by Metropolitan Douglas of the UK, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV of Europe and Metropolitan William of America and a lively discussion about the future. Absent members of the Synod were even able to participate through Skype and hear and share in the discussions!

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