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Cherubs meet Zippos

September 3, 2014 Leave a comment
Cherubs Kitchen team with Norman Barrett MBE, Zippo's Ringmaster

Cherubs Kitchen team with Norman Barrett MBE, Zippo’s Ringmaster

Brighton, UK: Through his long standing relationship with Zippo’s Circus since walking a tightrope over the Big Top for charity, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV was able to treat some of the Cherubs Kitchen team to a visit to the circus while it was in Brighton & Hove.

Pictured with Norman Barrett, the ringmaster and Metropolitan Jerome are Barbara the accountant and Alex an apprentice chef. Cherubs Kitchen was founded by Metropolitan Jerome in 2014 as a commercial catering operation to bring about positive social change; profits go to local food and homeless charities and industry professional apprenticeships in catering and hospitality are provided.

Metropolitan to visit France

May 23, 2014 Leave a comment

ORCC Gallia

Metropolitan Jerome OSJV of Europe will make a pastoral visit to France this weekend (23-29 May) initially to preside at a family wedding in Colombières sur Orb in the Languedoc-Rousillon region and after various requests, to meet some of the faithful hopeful of establishing a mission in the region. His Grace will make a visit to the Dordogne area in July from the 9th-15th, in response to other similar requests. Anybody near to or in either region interested in meeting His Grace and/or to hear Mass during his visit should make contact through the Provincial website for details.

Healing Conference

March 26, 2014 Leave a comment

7582_10152725823880584_1586424365_nMetropolitan Jerome OSJV on Saturday, March 29th will give the third in a series of conferences on Christian Healing at the Brighton Oratory from 2pm. The subject of this third conference is “Suffering” and will look at appropriate Christian attitudes towards “suffering” and especially for practitioners exercising a healing ministry.

Mgr Lloyd has over twenty years experience practising a healing ministry in a pastoral context and in a liturgical (worship) setting. Aside from studying pastoralia academically at university and in seminary, he gained invaluable insight in his youth assisting as a Brancardier with pilgrimages to Lourdes and Fatima and as an observer of Mgr Michael Buckley’s “El Shaddai” healing movement and the wider Catholic and wider Christian Charismatic Renewal movement. Later, experiencing Catholic Tradition through seminary and later ministry, Mgr Lloyd recognises the “gifts of the Spirit” and the possibilities of vocational realisation within a structural concept in sympathy with the praxis of the Early Church described in Scripture and the organic development of Tradition in the Church, applicable in a contemporary context of Christian witness.

The conference will begin at 2pm and after an initial presentation will be followed by Q&A and then an informal discussion over tea/coffee. ALL are welcome to attend from any Christian background. The conference will be broadcast live over the internet at followed at 6pm by the First Mass of Sunday celebrated by His Grace (Lent IIII).

Evangelii Gaudium

November 26, 2013 2 comments

Pope_Francis_signumPublished today the Vatican releases the new encyclical by His Holiness the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, “Evangelii Gaudium” (The Joy of the Gospel). The Pope’s first encyclical, “Lumen Fidei,” released in July, was essentially the work of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, to whose words Pope Francis had merely “added a few contributions” of his own. The encyclical was originally begun by Pope Benedict in order to commemorate the Year of Faith and to complete a trilogy of encyclicals he had been writing on the three theological virtues—faith, hope, and charity. The preceding two were “Deus Caritas Est“, on the theological virtue of charity, and “Spe Salvi“, on the virtue of hope.

Evangelii Gaudium” (The Joy of the Gospel) is all the present Pope’s own writing however and thus properly his authorial debut. The holy Father had informed the recent Synod of Bishops that he would write an “exhortation on evangelization in general and refer to the synod,” in order to “take everything from the synod but put it in a wider framework.”

In the opening titles and sentences, Pope Francis focuses on the inherent “joy of the Gospel” that should exist in the hearts of all Christians and continues to exhort Christians to “… lift up our heads and to start anew. Let us not flee from the resurrection of Jesus, let us never give up, come what will. May nothing inspire more than his life, which impels us onwards!” The encyclical goes on to cover such topics as “The social dimension of evangelization“, “The inclusion of poor in society” “Social dialogue as a contribution to peace” as the Pope addresses and puts evangelization at the heart of addressing contemporary issues both for the Church and for the world, touching on social policy and ecumenism as well as Christian witness. A full copy can be found on the Vatican website here.

Historic Chapel Restoration

May 3, 2013 2 comments

buxtedchapelThe Revd Deacon Andrew Scurr, due to be ordained to the priesthood on St Mathew’s Day, September 21st 2013 has been restoring the domestic chapel of his house. Dcn Scurr is guardian of the Mission of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Lewinna in Buxted, a satellite of the Brighton Oratory and part of the Old Roman Catholic Mission in Sussex, England. Fr Charles Edward Roe who built the house replete with chapel in his retirement, was formerly Rector of St Mary‘s Buxted…

The infamous Father Arthur Wagner was succeeded at St. Paul’s, Brighton by Father J.E. Halliwell in 1902 and to him came Father Charles Edward Roe as Curate over fourteen years, during which time Father Roe became acquainted with a young layman in Brighton, Alfred Hope Patten. In 1917, Father Roe was appointed Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Buxted, where he took a great interest in the unique Lady Chapel. When in 1919 Alfred Hope Patten, then a Priest of five years standing, came to assist him at Buxted for a year, Father Roe told Father Patten that in the Lady Chapel at St Mary’s a Screen was placed where it was in order to make that part of the Chapel beyond to the east window correspond with the dimensions of the Holy House of Our Lady at Walsingham, destroyed in the reign of Henry VIII. This aroused Father Patten’s interest in the once-­famous Shrine at Walsingham. Then came a remarkable sequence of events. Father Roe’s brother, Canon Gordon Roe, had recently been appointed Rural Dean of Walsingham, and wrote to his brother regarding the appointment to the vacant Living of Walsing­ham asking if he could suggest a suitable priest. Father Roe at once suggested Father Patten, and he was accepted and appointed, with the result that, through the Providence of God, he restored Our Lady to Walsingham once more. There is not the space here to record all that this resolute and devoted priest accomplished in setting up the image of the Mother and Child, so familiar to us now, in rebuilding the Holy House within a fine Pilgrimage church, etc., but the influence of Buxted St. Mary’s upon all this is clear for all to see and, when Father Roe died, a memorial brass was set in the floor of the Shrine Church at Walsingham, just in front of the Master’s Stall. This has an engraving of Father Roe in Mass vestments, and bears the inscription: ‘Of your charity, pray for the soul of CHARLES EDWARD ROE, M.A., Member of S.S.C. and S.K.C.M., Priest Associate of the Holy House, Parish Priest of St. Mary’s, Buxted 1917-1935. Died 4th August 1940. Jesu mercy. Mary help.’’

The coincidences however do not stop back in the past but continue now in the present as the house is but a stones-throw away from St Mary’s Buxted and a contemporary honorary curate of St Paul’s Brighton is a neighbour! How wonderful that through Dcn Scurr’s efforts this domestic chapel will once again be a focal point of worship and the offering of the holy Mass in union with the prayers and patronage of Our Lady of Walsingham! When the restoration is complete, HE Mgr Jerome Lloyd OSJV, Provost of the Brighton Oratory will dedicate and bless the chapel.

Old Roman Catholic publications

April 5, 2013 Leave a comment

myersbookcoverIn addition to the much valued and appreciated efforts of Bishop Will Myers OSF of Kentucky’s Saint Gabriel Theological Press republishing liturgical and other books no longer in print, including the “Old Catholic Ritual and Missal” 1909 of Archbishop Arnold Harris Mathew, new authors are also being published. Two recent publications of note by Old Roman Catholics are:

egebookcover“Finding My Way to Salvation”
A Traditional Old Roman Catholic Priest’s View of the Past 50 Years by Rev. Fr. Richard A. Ege, V.G.
This is a book about our changing world — the Spiritual content is the important aspect. Finding Truth and migrating to a thought process which helps us to move away from the avarice and greed – so prevalent today. Understanding the wiles and wickedness of the devil perhaps we can incorporate a true faith that will aid and assist us on our pilgrimage here below. Incorporating the teachings of the Church Fathers and our Lord Jesus Christ — may we find our way back to that happiness and zeal through a greater understanding of God, Jesus and Mary. “Finding my way to Salvtion” may be purchased online here available in printed or Kindle form.

Fr Ege is parish priest of Our Lady Queen of Angels, Venice, Florida and Vicar General for the ORCC LR Diocese of Florida

thomasbookcover“Point of Origin: The Evolution of Religious Consciousness and Its Ultimate Expression”
By the Rt Revd Mgr Joseph (Ericjon) Thomas DMin PhD
The Point of Origin investigates the development of religious consciousness as an integral reality in the human person. The evolution of religious consciousness is an experience found throughout human history beginning with the earliest known human species, the Cro-Magnon. In this work Mgr. Thomas identifies empirical data that lends itself to his theory that spirituality is not a bi-product of the human phenomena but an essential characteristic of being human. The author delves into conscious acknowledgement of the natural law as a universal norm guiding human activity in the wake of the plurality of religious expressions (Atheism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc.). In a crescendo effect of his work Mgr. Thomas illustrates how mysticism becomes the ultimate expression of religious consciousness in the human experience. “Point of Origin” may be purchased online here available in printed or Kindle form.

Mgr Thomas is a chaplain of the ORCC LR Military Vicariate USA


March 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Broadcast LIVE

The Annexe, Park Crescent Terrace BN2 3HD Map

Officiant: HE Msgr Jerome Lloyd OSJV
Assisting: Deacon Andrew Scurr

0830 Mass & Homily*

0830 Mass*
(1645 Compline)
1700 Tenebrae

(0800 None)
0830 Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Procession, Altar of Repose, Stripping of the Altar
(1645 Compline)
1700 Tenebrae (of Good Friday)

(0800 None)
0830 Adoration of the Cross & Mass of the Pre-Sanctified
1030 Ecumenical Procession of Witness
1430 Stations of the Cross
(1645 Compline)
1700 Tenebrae (of Holy Saturday)

(0800 Sext/None)
0830 Vigil & First Mass & Vespers of Easter
(1645 Compline)
1700 Mattins & Laudes of Easter

(0900 Terce)
0930 Solemn Mass of Easter Day

*denotes “online” only, all other services are open to the public.

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