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A message for Christmas 2016

December 23, 2016 Leave a comment

abplloydselseya1The Metropolitan of Europe’s Christmas message for 2016 is published ahead of the celebration of the commemoration of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ this coming Sunday. In his message, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV, Archbishop of Selsey, reflected on the meaning of the Incarnation as a practical reality in the lives of those seeking to realise the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. His Grace referred to the many hundreds of volunteers who will be hosting and serving Christmas Day lunches “to the poor, the disadvantaged and the unwanted of society” expressing the significance of the Incarnation i.e. “the manifestation of God’s love in Christ Jesus” by their service “giving of their time and energy”.

Referring to a “host of cherubic volunteers” – a nod to the Cherubs Kitchen apostolate he founded in 2013 – Metropolitan Jerome made mention of his own efforts to provide hospitality to one hundred of the homeless of the city of Brighton & Hove on Christmas Day in conjunction with the Brighton Corps of the Salvation Army; His Grace will be the chef! Inspired by “The Hub” homeless drop-in with which he partnered The Brighton Oratory with the Salvation Army for over six years, the Cherubs Kitchen apostolate operates commercial franchise kitchens“not for profit” fundraising to support local homeless projects and provide NVQ catering apprenticeships and work experience/rehabilitation placements.

The central message of the broadcast however, emphasised the possible universal application of the meaning of Christmas, i.e. the Incarnation of God’s love in Christ, through following the command of Our Lord “to love one another” cf John 13:34-35. His Grace suggested that was the simplest way to interpret the meaning of Christmas and to “receive faith, be inspired by hope and by experience in the sharing of both, God’s love toward us and toward each other”. His Grace concluded the broadcast by imparting his apostolic blessing to all viewers.

The film was recorded in the main kitchen of the Cherub’s apostolate and the music composed by Kevin Macleod is titled “Everlasting Hope”.

Historic Chapel Restoration

May 3, 2013 2 comments

buxtedchapelThe Revd Deacon Andrew Scurr, due to be ordained to the priesthood on St Mathew’s Day, September 21st 2013 has been restoring the domestic chapel of his house. Dcn Scurr is guardian of the Mission of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Lewinna in Buxted, a satellite of the Brighton Oratory and part of the Old Roman Catholic Mission in Sussex, England. Fr Charles Edward Roe who built the house replete with chapel in his retirement, was formerly Rector of St Mary‘s Buxted…

The infamous Father Arthur Wagner was succeeded at St. Paul’s, Brighton by Father J.E. Halliwell in 1902 and to him came Father Charles Edward Roe as Curate over fourteen years, during which time Father Roe became acquainted with a young layman in Brighton, Alfred Hope Patten. In 1917, Father Roe was appointed Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Buxted, where he took a great interest in the unique Lady Chapel. When in 1919 Alfred Hope Patten, then a Priest of five years standing, came to assist him at Buxted for a year, Father Roe told Father Patten that in the Lady Chapel at St Mary’s a Screen was placed where it was in order to make that part of the Chapel beyond to the east window correspond with the dimensions of the Holy House of Our Lady at Walsingham, destroyed in the reign of Henry VIII. This aroused Father Patten’s interest in the once-­famous Shrine at Walsingham. Then came a remarkable sequence of events. Father Roe’s brother, Canon Gordon Roe, had recently been appointed Rural Dean of Walsingham, and wrote to his brother regarding the appointment to the vacant Living of Walsing­ham asking if he could suggest a suitable priest. Father Roe at once suggested Father Patten, and he was accepted and appointed, with the result that, through the Providence of God, he restored Our Lady to Walsingham once more. There is not the space here to record all that this resolute and devoted priest accomplished in setting up the image of the Mother and Child, so familiar to us now, in rebuilding the Holy House within a fine Pilgrimage church, etc., but the influence of Buxted St. Mary’s upon all this is clear for all to see and, when Father Roe died, a memorial brass was set in the floor of the Shrine Church at Walsingham, just in front of the Master’s Stall. This has an engraving of Father Roe in Mass vestments, and bears the inscription: ‘Of your charity, pray for the soul of CHARLES EDWARD ROE, M.A., Member of S.S.C. and S.K.C.M., Priest Associate of the Holy House, Parish Priest of St. Mary’s, Buxted 1917-1935. Died 4th August 1940. Jesu mercy. Mary help.’’

The coincidences however do not stop back in the past but continue now in the present as the house is but a stones-throw away from St Mary’s Buxted and a contemporary honorary curate of St Paul’s Brighton is a neighbour! How wonderful that through Dcn Scurr’s efforts this domestic chapel will once again be a focal point of worship and the offering of the holy Mass in union with the prayers and patronage of Our Lady of Walsingham! When the restoration is complete, HE Mgr Jerome Lloyd OSJV, Provost of the Brighton Oratory will dedicate and bless the chapel.

Axios! Deacon Andrew!

February 24, 2013 1 comment

On Ember Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 the Revd Andrew Scurr was ordained Deacon by His Grace the Metropolitan Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJV at the Brighton Oratory in Sussex, UK. Deacon Andrew will continue to serve the Sussex Mission of the Congregation of the Divine Caritas for which he was appointed to serve at his Subdiaconal ordination last year, specifically the Mission Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Lewinna, Buxted. Deacon Andrew continues his Bachelor of Divinity studies with the Maryvale Institute and is expected to be priested on the feast of St Matthew, September 21st in London.

Metropolitan quoted in article about the homeless in Brighton

October 26, 2012 1 comment

The impact of the financial crisis on the city of Brighton and Hove was highlighted today in a feature article by Sussex newspaper “The Argus”. The Brighton Oratory has been volunteering with the Salvation Army Homeless dropin on Wednesdays since it started two years ago. Msgr Lloyd was interviewed on Wednesday together with the Salvation Army officers and ecumenical volunteers about the increase in attendance at the Homeless project. Msgr Lloyd was quoted:

“In the last six months the people coming here has gone from being more or less people living on the streets or squatters through to now where people who lost their jobs and are finding it difficult to make ends meet, and ended up homeless.

“We have had various stories. “There was a chap whose job was working in a burger shop and had a flat upstairs. When the shop closed he lost his flat and his job in one go and was living in a tent in Preston Park.

“We have had young mothers as well, who bring their children in during half term or the school holidays – the children are fed at school but when it’s closed they struggle to feed them.”

The article included interviews from both the statutory and voluntary sector and highlighted the significant increase in demand on the various shelters and food stations across the city.

The Argus “Brighton and Hove in grip of poverty crisis” published. 26/10/12
Read more about the Homeless drop-in here “More soup your Grace?

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